How to lose 5 pounds in a week?

We all want to look great at an event, vacation or holiday. Diet, exercise and procedures can help you lose weight quickly and effectively.

Weight loss diets

There are three types of conditions: single diets, protein and hungry.

carrots for weight loss in a week for 5 kg

Only diet. The bottom line is that you eat a certain product all day / week. It can be rice, buckwheat, chocolate, water, vegetables, fruits and so on. Such a diet guarantees rapid weight loss. It is quite difficult to survive on such a diet, but it is worth it, as many who lose weight say.

Protein. The basis of such a diet is that for a certain period you focus on protein foods: lean meat, eggs, cottage cheese and so on, exclude from the diet fats, flours, sweets, ie those that contain mainly carbohydrates. If you combine exercises, then your muscles and body will thank you.

Hungry. It is a calorie restriction. Maybe a stricter and lighter ban. That is, let's say you ate 2000 kcal before, so now you have to eat 1000 or less. This method helps to get rid of fat quickly and keep it very easy, because you do not have food bans.

How to lose weight the right way

If you want to lose weight without harm and stress for your body, then you should abandon strict diets that severely limit your diet. Oat bran on an empty stomach will help you lose weight, because they swell in the stomach and the feeling of hunger is alleviated. It is worth eating cereals, smoothies and other foods for better digestion of food.

Follow the rules for healthy weight loss.

  1. Eat small meals 5 times a day. Breakfast should be the main meal of the day. Make a snack between three meals with some nuts, fruit or maybe kefir.
  2. Do not exceed your daily calorie intake. The rule is 1200 - this is the optimal amount for a person to lose weight properly.
  3. Food should not only be healthy, but also nutritious for your body. It should contain a lot of minerals and vitamins.
  4. In the morning you should have carbohydrates and evening proteins.
  5. Forget harmful foods such as sweets, fried foods, fatty foods, etc.
  6. It is good not to drink alcohol at all, you can dry red wine, as it is good for the body, but in small quantities.

Exercises and how they will help fight weight

girl who lost 5 pounds in a week

Cardio training helps burn fat and strengthening exercises stimulate the muscles. You can go to the gym, run in the morning or just walk a lot, all this makes your body slimmer and more beautiful. Do not forget that without proper nutrition there will be no result, only the slightest changes can.

Wraps, massages, hot baths with soda or sea salt also help.